Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wyatt and Sadie seem to have the typical evening fussy time. Over the last two nights it has fallen between the 9pm and 12am feeding. It’s not bad. Granted there are two, but both are consolable. And, so far, this leads to several hours of good heavy sleeping. Last night I took the 9-12 shift. I tried my best to keep them quiet so that Shana wouldn’t wake and eventually took them away from the bedrooms and back to the living room. We watched David Letterman.  After the 12 feeding they slept hard, so did I. I was exhausted. I’m beginning to feel more comfortable. Getting used to both their personalities and sleeping/feeding habits. 

Shana and I watch TV most of the day. Lots of TV. A few of the shows on our viewing list today were: The Blob, NICU, and Cash Cab.
Oh and today was bath day. Fresh baby lotion. Nothing sweeter.

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