Monday, August 2, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine

Is it already morning? 
Both babies hardly slept between the 9 and 12 feeding. My usual bedtime is 11, so handling that stretch wasn't difficult. I enjoyed holding them (one at a time) and watching them watch me. So quiet, still and dim. 
They slept like rocks between the 12 and 3am did I. 
Between 3 and 6 they were a little more noisy, starting to grunt and whimper around 5.
And then there we were at the 6am feeding. The sounds of commuting traffic outside, morning news on the TV, and coffee brewing in the kitchen. Can it really be another day?
I don't know how Shana does it. She is on her third week of this with no break, and producing enough milk to nourish two preemies. What a strong woman.
Here is my alarm setting on my iPod. 

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