Tuesday, July 27, 2010

1 Week, 3 Day Update

Shana First full day nearly done. It went pretty well. Actually got some sleep in and we feel pretty good. We hav nearly gone through all of our preemie diapers already. JD ordered $50 more worth online. I guess that will last us for maybe a week:) 7:52 pm

1 Week, 2 Day Update

Shana home sweet home:) 1:41pm

Saturday, July 24, 2010

1 Week, 1 Day Updates

Shana made it through our first night of breast/bottle feeding in the NICU. Hoping it is a dry run for them sleeping in with us. we ave to learn CPR today. 7:09 am

Shana babies are in the room with us!!! 1:03 pm

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Updates

Shana kids are eating more than their goal. working on getting a regular bed today and hearing tests. Dr said they may get to go home by Monday:) 7:01 am 

Shana at 9 feeding they were in an open bed. I just went to drop off milk and they were getting their hearing test. I think we are getting close to going home!!!  10:21 am 

Shana passed the hearing test. temps are stable so far in a regular bed. fingers crossed that it stays that way.  1:49 pm

Shana last feeding jd went through four diapers with sadie. all at one time. she kept going to the bathroom every time he put a new diaper under her 2:37 pm

Shana just called our room and asked for the carseats!!! one of the last tests 2:48 pm

Shana looks like sunday will be the day we take the kids home. they passed their car seat test. we have cpr training tomorrow and then we should get to let them room in with us until we leave on sunday!!! 6:45 pm

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wednesday Update

Shana no more IV for Wyatt. Both of them are done with feeding tubes so they are free from all the machines except the monitors! I know I felt better once I wasn't hooked up to anything. Also Sadie gained 3 oz! Great day yesterday. Yesterday at 8:09am

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First Touch

Access granted. The NICU nurses allowed for a visitor. Savannah, Blake, and I were at the hospital a.s.a.p. I arrived right at the noon feeding. J.D. graciously surrendered his position so that I could enter the nursery. NICU rules: maximum attendance, two. Shana was finishing Sadie’s first breast feeding and I got to hold Wyatt. His small size was intimidating, along with the tubes stretching from his swaddling blanket to the monitors across the floor. I was afraid I might hurt him. But I didn’t. We snuggled, he drifted off to sleep, and I reluctantly gave him back to the nurse.

3:00 feeding. Shana sacrificed her alloted time with her babies for me this time. I was honored. And prepared, I brought my camera.
J.D. changed Sadie's diaper and Nurse Julie changed Wyatt's. 
I got to feed Sadie this time. She downed her bottle. I was amazed at her strength. Julie showed me how to burp a preemie. The very same way you burp a newborn. 

Sadie was out just as soon as she finished her bottle. I studied her face and watched her sleep.
J.D. fed Wyatt. 

Too soon Julie said they had to go back into their beds. What a sweet sight to see them snuggled next to each other.

And here's what Dad has to snuggle into at night.

J.D.'s assigned bed just barely fit Savannah. He didn't complain.

Tuesday Updates

Shana here is hoping that the dr increases milk consumption again today. so close and they have handled 30 for 5 feedings like champs! Yesterday at 8:11am

Shana shout out to Becky for being a rock star of a friend. she's like a little piece of heaven when she stops by and makes our lives a little more normal.Yesterday at 8:13am

Shana Saw Dr. this morning. sadie needs to get to 40 and Wyatt to 45. Increased their feedings to 35 so they are really close to accomplishing this chore! That much closer to taling them home. Yesterday at 10:31am


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Monday Updates

Shana babies are up to 25 for their feedings and need to get to about 40 so they can be taken off their IV's. so close they are doing really well. 

Yesterday at 4:21pm

Shana Sadie's IV got messed up so they decided to just leave it out and increase their food to 30. looks like his might come out tomorrow. we may get to 40 sooner than we thought. eating really well!

Shana we gave them their first baths! lots of screaming and wiggling around. It was great.

Yesterday at 9:56pm

Sunday Updates

Shana looks like I wil be getting discharged today to a courtesy room. babies are doing well eating. wyatt is getting to wear clothes now.

Sunday at 7:20am

Shana oh yeah, JD changed his first diaper ever this morning. he did great!

Shana we may have to call in BP to cap another oil spill. sadie decided to gush while I was changing her and then she proceeded to pee all over me once we had the first gush under control.

Shana Here are some updated pics. Sadie moved into Wyatt's bed today. We are now able to hold and feed her as well.

Sunday at 7:43pm

Saturday Updates

Shana babies are doing well. both are off oxygen and both skipped feeding tubes and straight to the bottle. they are eating like champs

Pre-birth Updates

Shana Wrapping up day 4 of bed rest... this sucks

July 11 at 7:22pm  

Shana Had my third ultrasound in the last 5 days this morning. Still on bed rest but the doctor scheduled a c-section for Friday. If nothing happens before that time then we will have babies on Friday...... In the mean time I am just laying here on my side watching really bad television. 

July 12 at 11:11am

Shana Day 5 of bed rest. I'm trying something different today. I'm going to reread a book. I don't think I can handle TV anymore. How do people watch this stuff?
July 13 at 7:37am

Shana Just wanted to give a shout out to my girl Jennifer P. Thanks for spending nearly the entire afternoon with me yesterday, talking, playing cards and keeping me company:) It made for a much more enjoyable day. Thanks!
July 14 at 9:40am 

Shana In about 15 minutes it will be exactly 24 hrs until the C-section. Busy day today so it should pass quickly. Dr Appt this morning, Becky's coming by for and Erika and family should be here this afternoon..... Not long now.....July 15 at 7:17am

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Wyatt and Sadie were born in the morning on Friday, July 16th 2010. Their speculated size was a bit generous. 
Wyatt entered the world first weighing 4 lbs and 12 oz. 

Sadie soon followed, a full pound less, 3 lbs 12 oz.

We filled the 5th floor at Mercy Hospital in Rogers, Ark. Mom wasn't feeling well and the babies were hidden behind the infamous window blind in the NICU.  If we stood very still, held our cheek to the window, and squinted one eye, we could see Sadie sleeping away in her incubator. We did this often.

Most of our time was spent in the waiting room. No complaints from the children. A touch board entertained the crowd.