Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jammy Duty

Disclaimer: I cannot be concerned with perfect grammar, photos, composition, etc, or I will not take the time to post during these two weeks. I know me. That being said, Here we go....

When I stepped through the door I smelt them, Babies. The mixture of diapers, baby lotion, Dreft, intoxicating.
Wyatt, the first born. He seems to enjoy the ease of the bottle over the breast. He gets hiccups. 

Sadie Jane. She is so tiny, but healthy and vibrant. She doesn't seem to mind what she's fed. She can suck down a bottle fast. 

Feeding schedule is every 3 hours, just like the hospital. We've just had the  9pm feeding, babies are tucked in bed, grunting a little. Mom and Dad are hurrying off to get a few precious hours before the 12am feeding begins at 11:50. Me, the ignorant one is playing on the computer. 
J.D. is headed back to work tomorrow morning after 2 weeks of full time dad duty. I am taking his night feedings. I wish Shana could have a night off too. A mother's work is never done. 

P.S. My "grandma" name is Jammy.

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